Wednesday, September 18, 2013

[IT Tips] - Resetting a lost Fortigate Admin Password

If you have lost the admin password for a Fortigate you can reset it if you have physical access to the box.
  • Connect the console cable to the Fortigate and fire up your favorite terminal emulator
  • Reboot the firewall unit.
  • At the console login prompt, type in "maintainer" as the userid.
  • Type in bcpbFGTxxxxxxxxxxxxx as the password. xxxxxxxxxxxxx will be the S/N of the Fortigate. The serial number is case sensitive so for example you should use FGT60B, not FGT60b.
  • After logging in, change the admin password:
config system admin
edit admin
set password

Heads up: You have to type the userid and password within a few seconds of the login prompt first appearing. If you take too much time you should reboot the firewall again.

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