Thursday, June 9, 2011

MCMC Issues Blockage Orders For Certain File Sharing Sites To ISPs

Uiks.. tadi ataicha terbaca kat patut la sekarang ni slow je nak download certain2 file... huhuhu.. rupanya ada beberapa url kena block.. huhuhuu...

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If your favourite file sharing sites seemed to be inaccessible for the past few days, don’t pick up that phone and scream at your ISPs customer service personnel just yet. It is not their fault (sort of) as your file sharing sites might have been listed under the recent blockage order by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

According to the letter above, the sites are blocked under Section 41 of the Copyright Act 1987 and includes quite a number of popular sharing sites such as Pirate Bay, Megavideo, Fileserve and many more. While authenticity of the letter above can’t be verified for now, it seemed that the exercise is indeed real according to this post on P1 WiMax’s Facebook page.

Frankly speaking, the blockage is rather understandable to a certain degree since these sites have hosted many illegal files but nevertheless, we are still baffled by the fact that MCMC is doing this in secrecy. If it is done in good faith, MCMC should be able to face all the questions that the rakyat have regarding the blockage since there are a lot of users out there that use these sites to host legal files. What’s there to hide, MCMC?
[Source: prasys, mx510 and Lowyat.NET Forums]
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